C.I.B, Nordic CH, Baltic CH
Finnish Winner 2017
Nordic JW-13, Finnish JW-13

Bawabu Diabo Dinizulu "Rüdi Wöller"


Date of birth: December 17th, 2012
Height: 66cm
Weight: 42kg
HD: B/A, ED: 0/0
Spine: LTV1, VA0, SP0
DM: free by parentage
JME: clear / non-carrier
Full scissor bite
MH: approved
Breeding examination: approved

#2 Showridgeback in Finland 2018
#2 Showridgeback in Finland 2017
#1 Showridgeback in Finland 2016
#2 Showridgeback in Finland 2015
Junior of the Year 2014 in Finland (from all breeds)
BIS junior winner
BISS 18 - Best in show at Specialty 2018

Breeder: Satu Laakso, Kennel Bawabu
Sire: Chadari Chiremba Balancing Rock
Dam: Bawabu Changuliwa Chaga

See full pedigree and results here >>

Rüdi came to our our family in February 2013 to fill the empty spot of a second dog. Rüdi's dam is Otso's sister Chanda so he is very closely related to Otso. Rüdi has settled into our pack very well from the beginning. He has such an energetic nature. Rüdi is always ready for action, he is open and playful. He faces the world with a tail that never stops wagging. He is a bit more dominant and sharp and than uncle Otso and guards his space. He's grown into a trustworthy family dog with excellent nerves and like Otso, he's easy to take along anywhere. He has shown great potential for hobbies and we are competing in rally-obedience.

Rüdi has also been very successful in the showrings and we have celebrated so many memorable moments in the rings with him -here and abroad. Rüdi is medium size and has excellent proportions. He has a beautiful head and long, premium ridge and very balanced, effortless movement.

Rüdi has been super healthy all his life and is available for suitable bitches. Rüdi has 2 litters in Sweden.
Semen tested: excellent quality (June/2016)


Rüdi 3,5 years old. Photo: Kati Ketonen


Rüdi 3,5yrs old. Photo: Nina Lindqvist


Rüdi 2,5 years. Photo: Nina Lindqvist


Rüdi on the move. 2,5 years in the picture.
Photo by Mia Puska


Rüdi 2,5 years. Photo: Satu Laakso